International Art Workshop & Exhibition - The 5th Hanoi Art Connecting - Curatorial text

The year 2022 is an important milestone, marking the "new normal" that seems to be truly returning to all countries, to everyone in the world after two years of fighting the pandemic. Like many other important cultural activities, Hanoi Art Connecting (HAC) - an event that is appreciated by experts as well as domestic and foreign artists as a prestigious and quality activity - has been started after a long hiatus.


Starting in 2016, after 4 seasons of operation at the University of Industrial Fine Arts with a modest number of artists from 6 countries in Southeast Asia, the number of participating artists has increased significantly, coming from not only Asia but many different continents.


The difference of Hanoi Art Connecting 5 this time compared to previous seasons is that the organizers focus on young artists. Vietnam’s art scene in recent years has had many positive changes: the young artists are dominant and have clear opinions and artistic views, many ambitions and enthusiasm for the profession. Therefore, ASIA ART LINK and HAC wish that these international composition activities, along with the companionship of famous artists, will create opportunities for them to confidently bring their art outside Vietnam and to the world. 


In addition, HAC5 is an international workshop and exhibition, but due to the epidemic situation not completely ended, international artists have not been able to come to Hanoi to attend this show, but they still attended with works in this exhibition. At the same time, the HAC5 organizers are still constantly searching and discovering factors that are professional foreign artists living in Vietnam to participate and contribute to this workshop and exhibition event.


One point that I cannot fail to mention is the companionship of Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA) and the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. This cooperation is not only organizing an event but also a good case study for businesses, arts associations, and non-profit professional organizations in the field of culture and art. And I believe that with this model, cultural and artistic life in Vietnam will be vibrant.




Trinh Tuan

Founder of ASIA ART LINK

Curator of The 5th Hanoi Art Connecting

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