9lawm Band is a group of young people born in 1995, and if you are interested in street music, then you surely hde a chance to hear their voices. Whether it's a sudden show in the Old Quarter or a minishow in a cafe, 9lawm always shows its members’ talent and passion for music. Some of the songs of the group have attracted the audience's preference including "When the sunset gradually comes." 9lawm is also a regular guest of the street arts event series in the framework  of the Monsoon Music Festival 2016.


Most of 9lawn’s members are trained in music school . 9lawm combines between performing of their own songs and doing cover of other artists’ songs to tell their stories.


Time: 20:00 – 21:30 July 1st, Saturday

Location: The Front Hall

Free entry. To ensure the quality of the minishow, we would kindly limit the number of participants to 200

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