"Colorful Silence" - Exhibition of Claude Monet and Pierre Bonnard

"COLORFUL SILENCE" - A digital exhibition by Claude Monet and Pierre Bonnard.

From March 19, 2021, Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA) will open the digital exhibition "Colorful Silence" - to introduce 50 digital version works of two great artists - Frenchman Claude Monet and Pierre Bonnard - the first time in Vietnam.

Oscar-Claude Monet (1840 - 1926) was the founding painter of the French Impressionist School, who was consistent with the philosophy: emphasizing one's style of expressing perception before nature, especially with outdoor paintings. The term "Impression" is derived from the name of Monet's "Impression, Rising Sun" painting when it was displayed in the Impressionists' first independent exhibition at "Salon de Paris" in 1874. With the desire to capture images in the French countryside, Monet has applied the method of painting a scene many times at different times to record the changes in light and the changes of the seasons during the year.

Pierre Bonnard (1967 - 1947) is considered as an important figure who "bridged" the School of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. In 1912, Bonnard moved to Vernonnet, not far from Giverny - Monet's home, the two quickly bonded, corresponded and regularly met. Contrary to Monet, Bonnard is known for its bold colors and love to draw scenes in everyday life. If Monet prefers large outdoor spaces, Bonnard focuses on everyday scenes, single objects that seem boring. If Monet places emphasis on the impression of time and light in the scene right at the moment, creating a relentless chase with positionality, the Bonnard is simply in every frame redrawn from memory, thus creating a rare intimacy.

The amazing contrast between the two artists will be shown throughout the works presented in this exhibition, re-enacting classics from Impressionism 150 years ago to Impressionism. Intimism a century ago, getting closer to the public with new and rich visual and emotional experiences to match Monet's words in a letter to you: "What keeps my heart awake is brilliant silence."

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