"in-Betweeness" exhibition

The VCCA along with the South Hoi An Vinwonders proudly presents the “in-Betweeness” exhibition, happening from 05/11/2022, introducing over 60 artworks from 42 artists curated by researcher Do Tuong Linh. 


Like the art critic Homi Bhaba wrote, “In-Betweeness” is a crucial state in our day and age. ‘Mediary spaces’ are the terrains that build upon the strategies of personalities - of individuals or groups - pioneering the ability to recognize new personal identities, the hiding places of creativity, of collaboration and discussion, all in the act of identifying ideas about society. It is the appearance of overlapping points - intermingling and the movement between different categories - that is the personal and collective experience of character, community, and the importance of core cultural values. 


Taking inspiration from the mediatory space of Hoi An, a city rich with history and culture along with it being one of the hubs for trading in Vietnamese history, “In Betweeness” brings over 60 sculptures and arrangements by 42 artists from different generations and perspectives, being introduced in Hoi An for the first time.


“In Betweeness” is the meeting of similarities and differences with the hopes of creating the sense of interweaving and overlapping ideas, allowing for a new playground that’s interesting and unique for an art loving audience as well as the art and creative communities specifically.


The “In Betweeness” exhibit allows for different eras of artists to confere, between the pioneering generations to newer artists known and loved by the art community, as well as young and talented artists from different regions of the country; this will mark a big step forward in Vietnamese contemporary art, with new, constantly changing points of view that build upon art in the community.

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