"TRANSFORMING" - Curatorial text


Long road.
        There are always twists and turns.
                 And also open up many directions…

“TRANSFORMING” is the name of a series of activities of residency, workshops and exhibition of works on stone, initiated by Luong Art Space (Ninh Van, Ninh Binh) and artist Luong Trinh, with the collaboration of Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA). Participating in this "Transforming" are sculptors who have had experience with stone, have a predestined connection with the traditional craft village, and wish to continue writing together and prolonging stories about stone.

Go - Go on! They - artists who share a common story with sculpture, have teamed up and set up their own programs of art activities and exhibitions with the aim of expanding sculpture into living space. close to the art-loving public.

The activities of the group of sculptors are not only limited to exhibition spaces, but also extend to other art spaces: personal art studios, cafe-book spaces, cultural spaces in Universities... In group activities, artists both express their own style in composing and share common stories about art. With the transition from traditional to contemporary, artists have organized quintessence of compositions and experiences in a number of traditional craft villages such as Bat Trang Pottery Village, Ninh Van Stone Village...

The exhibition “TRANSFORMING” carries the mind of a group of sculptors – always looking to their homeland and roots – where many generations of elite artisans have created many architectural and artistic works preserved in the world. all over the country. The artistic evolution of “Transforming” will bring to the art-loving public other voices of stone.

Hanoi, 09/2021

Khong Do Tuyen

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