‘RETROSPECTIVE’ by artist Le Kinh Tai

‘RETROSPECTIVE’ focuses on the matured artistic style of artist Le Kinh Tai that’s deeply personalized in his artworks. Having a spiritual nature, ‘airing out his ego on the canvas’ instead of just ‘conquering the visual beauty’, the artworks introduced in ‘RETROSPECTIVE’ are all special with deep meanings to them. 


The similarities between each piece are the satirical nuances, mocking of, and exploration of the issues that revolve around people’s ego, despite seeming to be hidden in the cultural and societal forms of communication, the conversation is simulated between ‘Humans' and ‘People’.  With ‘RETROSPECTIVE’, Le Kinh Tai doesn’t simply ‘look back’ at the path walked but also reflects upon himself, looking at the stages of change deeply rooted in the 20 years of creation. 


Admiring artwork by Le Kinh Tai, the viewer can feel the positive energy between a space filled with the colors of life, of 21st century citizens, breathing with the modernity of a consumer society - where different values collide, conflict and mesh together. 


Le Kinh Tai is one of the special phenomenons in Vietnam’s contemporary art scene with a controversial style, receiving polarizing criticism from many different angles. The artist who graduated from Vietnam’s University of Art in 1997 has quickly become one of the notable figures of Ho Chi Minh City’s artistic life after 2000 and one of the artists with the highest selling prices in the art market. Artwork by Le Kinh Tai is collected by many, including many special ‘customers’ - Chua G.Bee (Zen Gallery) has collected Le Kinh Tai’s work for many years to hold an art project to introduce artists and art at art museums in America, Hong Kong, Chile, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.


With a serious work ethic and professionalism along with the desire to bring Vietnam’s contemporary art to the world - to this day, Le Kinh Tai has had 10 personal exhibitions, close to 30 group exhibitions in and out of the country. He’s won scholarships for and has enrolled in many art residencies, notably a full scholarship in 2011 by the Haslla Artworld Museum in Korea; full scholarships for art residencies in 2009 and 2011, organized by Vermont Studio Center in America.


‘RETROSPECTIVE’ opens for free from 15/10 until 12/11/2017 at the VCCA B1-R3 Vincom Royal City, 72 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội. Throughout the exhibition, Le Kinh Tai will hold a talk with the visitors about his artistic journey on 11/11.


‘RETROSPECTIVE’ is the 3rd large scale exhibition organized by the VCCA, next to a series of activities that include talks, workshops, musical shows and modern dances, etc. with serious and collective activities, after more than 3 months of the VCCA being in use, the first goal of connecting artists with the masses, in part inspiring and building upon the spiritual life of Vietnamese people have been accomplished; each step towards becoming a center for creativity and connecting contemporary art in Vietnam with contemporary art around the world. 

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