The 3rd ASEAN Graphic Painting Exhibition - Vietnam 2020

Happening at the VCCA from 6/11 to 25/11/2020, the 3rd ASEAN Graphic Painting Exhibition - Vietnam 2020 is an artistic activity aimed to improve understanding, unity in the ASEAN group, an occasion for Vietnamese artists as well as artists from ASEAN nations to interact, exchange information and introduce new achievements in the creations of the region, meanwhile providing an opportunity for the Vietnamese public and international friends to experience the artworks by artists in the ASEAN region.


The exhibition introduces 117 artworks from 84 artists from 10 countries, which are members of the ASEAN group, diverse in the topic/subject (life, people, nature, nations, issues about contemporary life, etc.), as well as in the medium of art, skills expressed (utilizing many methods of art, such as: metal engraving, wood engraving, screen printing, etc.). The creations show effort and experience from the artists, creating new interest for each artwork, visually stimulating for the viewers, due to the printing methods used.

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