The Foliage II


The curator for ‘the foliage 2’ is the VCCA’s artistic director Mizuki Endo. The exhibition features artworks in many different styles, from realism, expressionism, surrealism to arrangements, etc. from ten young artists chosen by Mizuki Endo and artist Pham An Hai - the mentor for the young group of artists, picked by Viet Art Now.


The exhibition includes 34 artworks from artists: Nguyễn Nghĩa Cương, Hà Phước Duy, Tạ Minh Đức, Phạm Hà Hải, Triệu Minh Hải, Lê Phi Long, Nguyễn Đức Phương, Vũ Đức Trung, Lương Trung, Vũ Ngọc Vĩnh.


Continuing the spirit of ‘the foliage’, ‘the foliage 2’ opens space for new and diverse forms of expression: with consultation, thought and combination among artists as well as between artists and the viewers. The interaction between the artworks and the signature architecture of the display space create a display and arrangements that can only be seen at the VCCA. 


The exhibition is open from 9/6/2018 until 15/7/2018 at the VCCA, B1 – R3, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City (72A Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội). Throughout the exhibition, the VCCA will arrange three talks with the artists on 16/6, 30/6, 14/7 along with minishows and workshops. Detailed programming will be updated on the official website and fanpage (


Information on the artists featured:


Pham Ha Hai (1974) 


Pham Ha Hai graduated with a masters degree in fine arts (2005) at Vietnam's University of Fine Art and is currently working at the ministry of art, photography and exhibition. He’s had many displays and exhibitions in Vietnam as well as internationally, including a personal exhibition titled ‘earth and humans’ in 1998. He won second place the student art exhibition prize in 1997, the consolation prize at the Phillip Morris Asian art exhibit 1998 - 1999 and a bronze medal at the Vietnam Art exhibition 2015. 


Ha Phuoc Duy (1984) 


Ha Phuoc Duy graduated Saigon University (1996) and Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts, he is an realist artist, and has won the Cuu Long River Delta Fine Art exhibition prize in 2016. His ideals are ‘I will draw things that are close and related to life’ 


Luong Trung (1981)


Two years after getting a masters degree in fine arts at Vietnam’s University of Art (2010), Luong Trung won the Dogma Art Prize. His art shows realism meshed with exaggerated caricatures. He’s enrolled in many personal and group exhibitions like the National Young Artists Festival (2011), the Artha Gallery exhibition in Thailand, and the ‘Faces’ exhibition in Singapore. 


Vu Ngoc Vinh (1978)


He graduated from Vietnam’s University of Art in 2007. Vu Ngoc Vinh uses a special artistic style that describes characters seen in and out of current society. He’s been a part of many group and personal exhibitions including: Realism Art exhibition, Vietnam Art Museum (2015), National Fine Arts exhibition (2005 & 2015), and the Don Quixote portrait exhibit at the Spanish embassy. Some of his art is in the private collection of the Moroccan king as well as many other collections in and out of Vietnam. 


Nguyen Nghia Cuong (1973)


He graduated from Hanoi’s University of Fine Arts in 1996 and then became an independent artist, holding many group and personal exhibitions such as ‘essence’ by Art Vietnam Gallery, ‘Venus in Vietnam’ by the Goethe institute, ‘New Changes’ by Singapore’s museum of art. Many of his artworks are in the collection of Singapore’s museum of art and some personal collections. His art has a brightness and brilliance to them, using comedic and diverse topics.


Nguyen Duc Phuong (1982) 


Graduating Vietnam’s University of Arts in 2007, Nguyen Duc Phuong hasn’t been involved with many exhibitions but has instead spent time for other experiences using different materials and mediums of art. His personality is expressed most clearly through his small scale artworks that’s filled with an East Vietnamese essence. His ways of forming shapes shows his skill in building an image that’s full of simplicity, whimsicality and clarity while still being incredibly delicate.


Vu Duc Trung (1981)


He graduated with a masters degree in Lacquer usage from Hanoi’s Industrial Art University. His creations utilize traditional Vietnamese lacquer techniques and yet he is still able to breathe a new sense of modernity into them. 


Le Phi Long (1980) 


Born in Hue, he studied interior design at Hue’s University of Art, then moved to live in Hanoi. In 2013, he came to Ho Chi Minh City to enroll in an art residency program organized by San Art and create more art of his own. Being affected by the mentality of Buddhism, he cares about nature and the environment, having a perspective that’s extremely positive towards life and the future. His proceedings with many different spaces always open new sources of inspiration and imagination for him. 


Trieu Minh Hai (1982)


After graduating from Vietnam’s University of Art in 2007, he became an independent artist. His artistic practices are diverse and spread across many mediums including fine art, arrangement art, videos, auditory art, etc. With a lot of knowledge and experience in the scientific field, Trieu Minh Hai finds relationships between art and physics, utilizing that knowledge to create. He’s established a space titled ‘Puppets’ in Hanoi. 


Ta Minh Duc (1991) 


Ta Minh Duc graduated from the Hanoi Theater Academy in 2014. Artworks directed and produced by Ta Minh Duc ask questions about the relationships and existential aspects of life, as well as the isolation and potential for violence in humans. Some of his recent artworks and artistic activities include: ‘Film 1’ in Mini DOCFEST, documentary and experimental film celebration at the Goethe institute in Hanoi 2014, Auditory arrangement and video ‘small and smooth’ 2014 at Nha San Studio, photography exhibition titled ‘autopsy of the Day’ at the Goethe institute in Hanoi 2013, Workshop on super 8 films with directors Paolo Davanzo and Lisa Marr from Echo Park Film Center, etc.

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