Workshop program and the fifth Hanoi Art Connecting exhibition

From 02/04/2022, the VCCA along with Asia Art Link (AAL) and the Vietnamese Art Society introduces a Workshop program and the fifth Hanoi Art Connecting exhibition. The program includes a series of creative activities and displays over 140 artworks from many categories: painting, sculptures, arrangements, graphics by artists from Vietnam and 24 other countries. 


President of the Vietnamese Art Society, Lương Xuân Đoàn speaks at the workshops opening ceremony


The Workshop and the international art exhibition - Hanoi Art Connecting 5 marks its return after two years of the pandemic. This time, the program focuses on the discovery and promotion of creative young artists; meanwhile connecting younger generations and previously established artists, as well as exploring the changes of the future and the beauty of the past. 


Curator Trinh Tuan sharing his experience at the workshops opening ceremony


With the involvement of the VCCA, The Vietnamese Art Society along with 100 artists from vietnam as well as artists from Australia, India, Canada, Korea, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, America, Japan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Spain, Thailand, China, etc. the program hops to create a positive environment to exchange culture and knowledge between artists and the art loving audience, as well as between the artists themselves. 


A Fashion show during the W=workshops opening ceremony


“Artists from Hanoi Art Connecting 5, yearn to be able to work, to create and share art, happiness and sadness together. Above all, they want to bring their art to the masses, to build this year’s Hanoi Art Connecting like a dose of medicine that the pandemic has left behind” curator Trinh Tuan, co-founder of Asia Art Link shares


Artists passionately creating at the workshop


Parallel with the exhibition, Asia Art Link along with the VCCA will put on performances, art tours, as well as talks with the artists, art critics and specialists. 

Hanoi Art Connecting is a workshop program and international art exhibition with the ghoul of exchanging and connecting art, organized in Vietnam and Asian countries. The program was started by Asia Art Link and the community of artists in Asia, with the involvement of many artists from ASEAN countries, Asia, Australia, America, etc. Hanoi Art Connecting has received many high evaluations from the world of art, meanwhile creating a positive link not only between artists, but between art loving communities in the region as well.

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