Exhibition “Plastic Planet”

Six giant artworks made from used plastic materials will be displayed in “Plastic Planet” at Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA), bringing to the community the message of mindful use of plastic and limiting the negative effect it has to the environment.

Tòhe artists had meticulously and elaborately built 6 installations, sculptures, and interaction works named: Ocean; Field; Tornado; Shelter; Secret box; Family. The works are made from used plastic products such as straws, nylon, water bottles, household appliances… cleverly assembled into large-sized artworks, with some reach 4 meters high, 18 meters long… All create a world of colorful plastic art, but also a prompt reminder of the real world where plastic is omnipresent: in nature, in daily life, on the body, in life of all creatures including humans.

“Is plastic part of our world or are we part of a plastic world?” That message evokes contemplation on the values of plastic – an important invention of humanity, but in the process, the lack of conscious in using the material has caused many negative consequences for the living environment, thus encourage the community to limit the use of disposable plastic, encourage a more conscious use plastic, and cherish our living environment.

In addition to the 6 plastic artworks, the exhibition also presents installation works using children’s paintings, including those of autistic kids who were expressing their creativity. All promise to bring about a bright, friendly space for children.

The exhibition is open for free entry from 21 Jun 2019 until 18 Aug 2019 at Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA): B1 floor – R3, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City (72A Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi). Within the framework of the exhibition, VCCA will also host educational art activities such as mini concerts, workshops, visit tours for children. Detail program will be updated on the website http://vccavietnam.com/ and the official fanpage of VCCA.

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