The Foliage III

On 20/12/2019, the exhibition titled ‘foliage 3’ by vincoms center for contemporary art will return to the audience with a new face. The exhibition is a continuation of the ‘foliage’ series of exhibitions organized by the VCCA, displaying large quantities of high quality contemporary artworks with the aim of supporting, connecting and spreading art to the public audience. This is the third time 9 young and talented artists both Vietnamese and international. The 6 Vietnamese artists are Quỳnh Lâm, Phan Anh, Nguyễn Văn Đủ, Nguyễn Đình Phương, Nguyễn Văn Duy, Lương Trịnh; while the international artists are Tristan Jalleh (Australian) and the pair of artists Caleb Stein and Andrea Orejarena (English and Colombian respectively). The exhibition is co-curated by Dr. Mizuki Endo - VCCAs Manager of art, as well as independent curator Do Tuong Linh.


Continuing to give many creative activities, ‘Foliage 3’ introduces to the masses more than 50 artworks in many different artistic languages: paintings, photography, sculptures, videos, arrangement and conceptual; this is an experiment on different materials and formats by the aspiring artists. 


Artworks by Quynh Lam use flowers and colors as a metaphor to ask questions about history, time and space. Nguyen Dinh Phuong for the first time, was able to set up large arrangements including a video projection on a large window display (3m x 16m) and a giant wall of clay (5m tall). The artwork is a collaboration with the duality of the realistic view the VCCA has, as well as being a query on humans in the spiral that is modern life. The carefully put together wooden artwork by Phan Anh is an effort to find his own identity through stories of personal history and family tradition. 


Nguyen Van Duy impresses with a style with pop factors as well as many minimalist colors and shapes, being both funny and satirical, bringing surrealism while still being grounded. Artworks by Nguyen Van Du contain the concerns about life and death, his efforts in finding and experimenting with different degradable materials brings an effect that stimulates all senses, surpassing just visuals. Meanwhile, many sculptures by Luong Van Trinh are the virtuous combination of traditional materials and new discoveries in ideas and ways of expression, having both a sense of romantic quietness and not lacking in effort, creating a harmony with all the artworks in the exhibition. 


Other than the inclusion of 6 Vietnamese artists, the exhibition this time also features the presence of international artists living and working in Hanoi. Their artworks are reflections on many points of views that are strongly linked with Vietnamese society. Hence, ‘Foliage 3’ isn’t just limited to ‘Vietnamese Art’ but also explores other outlets, expanding the range to ‘Art in Vietnam’ in effort to diversify and point towards the international community of artists.


Being the VCCA’s largest concept in 2019, ‘Foliage 3’ promises to bring a fun and meaningful conversation, where inspiration can mix and spread. Especially, with 2 non linear spaces (indefinite route), artworks will not be directly shown but will be shown in private rooms. ‘Foliage 3’ will be a journey into art full of suggestion and interest, where the viewer can enjoy and explore each artwork in their own way. 


Curator Do Tuong Linh shares “ ‘foliage 3’ is a diverse and colorful congregation of young and talented artists from Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City. Artists in ‘Foliage 3’ have extended the story and traditions of the history of art, as well as studied how to converse with and ask questions about the past, present and future. The exhibition hopes to bring to the viewers in Hanoi a deep and meaningful experience not only aesthetically but also to explore new areas of the mind and consciousness” 


On the topic of the ‘foliage’ series of exhibitions, manager of art at the VCCA, Mizuki Endo hopes this model will bring young artists a wonderful chance to introduce to the masses many interesting artworks, positively observing and driving new aesthetic values. “Grouped together, new artworks come with new forms of exhibition and curation, a new audience. Those diverse sides create a foundation to define ‘the sense’ of contemporary art in Vietnam in the future. When leaves group together to agree, then to cover an entire forest, is how we can picture a good ecosystem for the world of Vietnamese contemporary art” shares Mizuki Endo


The exhibition is open until 23/2/2020, at Vincoms Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA),  B1 – R3, Vincom Mega Mall Royal city (72A Nguyễn Trãi, quận Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội). 


During the exhibition, talks with artists will take place on 21/12, 4/1 and 15/2. The full detailed program will be updated on the website and the official fanpage. 


Artist Information: 

Quynh Lam: 

Artist Quynh Lam (born 1988) graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association and Architecture University. Her artworks focus on the link between family history and self consciousness through a process on identity,memories and emotional trauma. Some of her prominent artworks include:

“Hữu hạn – Vô hạn” (Việt Nam, 2016), Vietnam Artists’ Book Project (Taiwan, 2016), "Back for Seconds" (America, 2019).


Phan Anh:

Phan Anh (born 1990) graduated from the Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Art, and completed a masters degree at Utrecht School of the Arts (in the Netherlands). His artworks explore personal and group memories in order to discover abilities (physically and mentally) of people in correlation with beliefs, through contemporary ideologies. His notable displays include:

 “Bảo tàng Tâm 3 thức” (Việt Nam, 2018); “Prospects: Before You Ask Me To Stay” at the 56th Venice Biennale (Italy, 2015), etc.


Nguyen Dinh Phuong: 

Nguyen Dinh Phuong (born 1989) graduated from Vietnam's University of Art. His artworks are deep contemplations on the change in cognition and understanding of space as well as the formation of the world. Notable pieces include: 

Hữu hình – Vô hình (Việt Nam, 2016), performance art festival IN:ACT at Nhà Sàn Collective (Việt Nam, 2018), performance art festival NIPAF 2019 (Japan). 


Nguyen Van Du: 

Nguyen Van Du (born 1986) graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts, majoring in oil paintings. His artworks focus on art along with experimentation using materials to open new ways of expression as well as concepts and skills long used to define ‘paintings’ in Vietnam. Notable exhibitions include: 

"Lò mổ series" (Việt Nam, 2019), "Nơi biển nhớ" (America, 2019), "Mắt Việt Nam: Máu, Mồ hôi, Nước mắt" (England, 2017), etc. 


Nguyen Van Duy:

Nguyen Van Duy (born 1989) graduated with a bachelors in art from the Hue University of Art. His artworks revolve around concerns for the roots of and issues within oneself. He has participated in many exhibitions and art projects organized by the Goethe institute, Hue’s Museum of culture, Nhà sàn Collective, etc.

Luong Trinh 

Artist Luong Van Trinh (born 1988), graduated with a bachelors in Vietnam's University of Art, specializing in sculptures. He combines traditional materials with modern ideas and formats to create new and interesting artworks. Notable exhibitions include: 

“Khả thể”, the Dogma prize (2017), “Art in the air” (Malaysia, 2014), etc. 


Tristan Jalleh: 

Tristan Jalleh (born 1979), is a video artist from Australia, he’s famous for his artworks that aren’t special just for being visually attractive but also for holding deep meanings. He’s had artworks displayed at many exhibitions and museums such as Experimenta International Biennial of Media Art and Sydney Contemporary 2015, RMIT Gallery, the Powerhouse Museum ISEA, etc. 


Caleb Stein & Andrea Orejarena: 

Andrea Orejarena (born 1994, Colombia) and Caleb Stein (born 1994, England) are a pair of multimedia artists currently living and working in Hanoi. Their art project in Vietnam, which explores the nature of memories of war through a combination of videography, photography  and paintings, has been shown at a Vietnamese village for veterans and their children to see. 

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