The ‘Shadows and Shapes’ exhibition

The ‘Shadows and Shapes’ exhibition - artist Le Thiet Cuong


From 27/4 to 20/5/2018, the VCCA presents the ‘Shadows and Shapes’ exhibition - introducing 22 oil paintings on canvas - the newest set of artworks by artist Le Thiet Cuong, made in 2016 and 2017.


Taking inspiration from the simple, familiar subjects such as streets, houses, trees, rivers and furniture, he transformed and changed their appearance. According to Le Thiet Cuong ‘the subject is a material. But who knows if that familiarity could be more unique through the use of shadows and shapes, suggesting something other than just shadows and shapes’ 


Le Thiet Cuong has been a minimalist artist for 30 years (1988 - 2018), practicing and experimenting with many different pathways (lightness, coloring, shapes and form, etc.) in this exhibition, the viewer will be able to have a very different minimalist approach. Commenting on the effects of Buddhism and its scriptures on  Le Thiet Cuong, critic Phan Cam Thuong states “perhaps the artist wants to build a new form of ‘artistic meditation’ where art can hold symbolistic and suggestive value.”


22 new artworks express that spirit: little shapes, little color, large empty spaces, peaceful, speechless. The story and emotion felt through the peace and quietness of the art allow the viewer to truly think and imagine about their personal stories. 


The opening ceremony will be held on 27/4/2018, the exhibition will be open for free to visitors from 28/4 until 20/5/2018 at the VCCA (B1-R3 Vincom Royal City, 72 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội). Throughout the exhibition, musical activities will be held on 5/5/2018, the VCCA will also organize talks on the topic of ‘content and form’, featuring many artists, experts and art critics. 

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