Music can be messy, but people must live tidily - that is what the guests of music story  No.3 bring to the audience. Like other young indie musicians, the music of the Lon Xon Band when first hearing may sound like they are just singing about small things: a fire, a lover's long dress up, or just the story at the convenient store in the evening… However,  hidden behind the sentence is a picture of the life of young people: innocent, honest and pure. How subtle of an artist’s soul to tell the story of life through their songs? Let's explore, in our Minishow No. 2.


Lon Xon band consists of 3 members: Phan Thanh Nhan, born in 1997, student: Vocalist; Tran Trong Quynh, born in 1994, piano teacher, musician: Producer, Song-writer; Nguyen Viet Hung, born in 1993, freelancer: Rapper, Emcee. Lon Xon pursues Indie music, is one of the first groups in which each member has a particular role: a vocalist, a music producer, an emcee. 3 different music personalities completely merged into one (so the band’s name is Lon Xon). All members of the group can write and sing their own songs. Lon Xon’s main content of songs is about the intimacy, the little things in life, the things that when the listener hears they will not "wow" but simply  smile with " , uh .. "

Time: 20:00 – 21:30 June 24th, Saturday

Location: The Front Hall

Free entry. To ensure the quality of the minishow, we would kindly limit the number of participants to 200

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